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Cleaning up cellular trash can help the heart to recover after heart attacks.

A new study by the Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers has revealed how an enzyme activates and engages a “trash and recycling system” in heart cells to help patients recuperate better from a heart attack. The study published in Nature Communications mentions that the researchers believe that this system could be transformed and used to clean

Sunlight COVID-19

Evidence suggests that UV radiation from sunlight reduces COVID-19 transmission

Scientists, policymakers, and healthcare workers are keen to ascertain to what extent COVID-19 may be seasonal. By understanding this aspect of the disease, we could guide our response to the pandemic. UC Santa Barbara’s researchers have found evidence that the spread of COVID-19 is sensitive to UV exposure. In contrast, this suggests that COVID-19 may


Signs And Symptoms Of ADHD

What is ADHD? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD disorder affects a person’s neurological development in their childhood. Children suffering from ADHD disorder may find it difficult to control their impulsive actions without thinking of the final result and paying attention in their workplace. These children may work over actively. Many doctors say that the