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What is the strongest pain killer

strongest pain killer

Know About strongest pain killer

Pain killer or opioids are the potent prescription drugs used for treating severe to prolong chronic pain. Some are stronger than others. These medicines’ most common side effect is constipation, tiredness, or feeling sick.

The type of drugs you need to treat your pain depends upon what kind of pain you have. For the aches associated with inflammation, such as headaches or back pain, acetaminophen, and anti-inflammatory pain medicines work best.

If your pain is caused due to sensitivity or damage of any nerve, as in the case with sciatica and shingles, it is usually treated with drugs that change the way your central nervous system works. The only aim of taking pain medicines is to improve the quality of life. All pain medicines can have side effects, so you need to weigh up the advantage of taking them against the cons.

What are pain killer medicines?

Pain medicines or opioid drugs, sometimes also called narcotics, are used to treat pain. Various types of pain medicines are suitable for different types of pain. Your health care provider will mainly start your treatment with lesser-strength pain medicines such as ibuprofen and paracetamol. If these drugs do not work well, depending on the type of your pain, experts will recommend prescribing an opioid.

Pain medicine works by attaching to receptors in the brain, spinal cord, gut, and other body parts. It decreases the way you feel pain increases your pain tolerance and your reactions to pain.

  • Painkillers are usually divided up into two groups, including
  • Weak opioids such as dihydrocodeine
  • Strong pain killers include buprenorphine, tramadol, methadone, morphine, pethidine, and oxycodone.

Even though solid painkillers are classified together, they can also differ significantly in doses. The most vital pain medicines are maybe ten times stronger than the weakest. They are usually prescribed for more severe pain or pain due to cancer. For instance, if you have surgery or have been injured in a severe accident. It may also be considered for patients who have prolonged pain when other pain killers do not work well. It is also used for treating pain in people with cancer.

The less potent opioids are usually recommended as tablets. There is a liquid and dispersible form of drugs available. They are available in brands that combine opioids and paracetamol. Potent pain killers can be taken as:

  • immediate-release capsules and tablets
  • Extended-release capsules and tablets
  • patches for the skin
  • injections and sachets
  • fentanyl spray

They come in different brand names and generic names, and not all are the same. Once you start taking one brand, you should stick to the same brand unless your pharmacist recommends doing so.

Although there are few vital pain killers, the most commonly prescribed ones are Soma and oxycontin. If your pharmacist thinks that potent opioids may help your type of ache, then they are the commonly prescribed opioid drugs. If they do not work well, your pharmacist may recommend you to switch to the other one.


Soma is a brand drug that is a prescription skeletal muscle relaxant that is also sold under the generic name Carisoprodol. It is primarily prescribed to relieve aches caused by muscle injuries like sprains and strains. It comes in the form of tablets taken orally, often several times a day when treating an injury.

Soma is typically combined with rest, physical therapy, and other treatments in order to treat muscle aches. However, many people become dependent on Soma and use it other than how it is intended.

Each different strongest pain killer medicine will have different instructions. Your health care professional will explain precisely when and how you can safely take them. The method of taking it is essential, and it is a better idea to understand how and why your Soma is prescribed in a certain way.

Soma comes in the form of tablets in the strength of 250 mg and 350 mg. The usual adult dose is 250 to 350 mg orally three times a day and at bedtime. Please do not take it more than two to three weeks.

As with all drugs, pain medicines also have several side effects. The more potent the strongest pain killer are, the more chances you have for side effects. The most common side effects are nausea, drowsiness, headache, and constipation.

Seizures can also be a problem. It is necessary to tell your pharmacist if you experience any of these side effects. The amount of your painkiller needs to be reduced.


Oxycontin is a potent strongest pain killer medicine, sometimes also called a narcotic. It is a prescription-based medicine used to treat when strong pain medication is needed to reduce severe pain enough for the long-term treatment. It is usually recommended when the other non-opioid medicine and immediate-release opioids do not treat your pain well, or you are intolerable to them.

Oxycontin is an extended form of oxycodone that is used on an as-needed basis for pain or the pain that may fade away with time.

Oxycontin is prescribed under the expert’s consultation who is knowledgeable in the usage of potent pain medicines for managing chronic pain.

A single dose of Oxycontin 60 mg and 80 mg tablets are greater than 40 mg, or a daily amount is more significant than 80 mg, are only used on people who are tolerant to the opioid drugs. Adult people who are susceptible to opioids receive it for one week or longer at 60 mg oral morphine daily.

If the doses are too high, these drugs can cause you to feel confused, drowsy, dizzy, have low blood pressure, have hallucinations, and cause deep or slow breathing. If you have been wearing a prescribed fentanyl patch, remove it from the skin immediately and consult your pharmacist if you develop any other side effects.

The risk of dependence and addiction is also possible when taking opioid drugs.

Bottom line

Pain medicines can bring welcome breaks from discomforts and pains. You can find Soma and Oxycontin medicine in a lot of prescription drugs. These medicines include muscle relaxants and treat the pain that does not fade away with non-opioid medications.

There are several other non-addictive painkillers available for chronic pain. Your health care professional or pharmacist can work with you to find suitable pain medicine to help you enjoy comfortable days.

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